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It takes a multi-tiered force of highly trained, committed Soldiers to protect our freedoms and uphold democracy. This force consists of those who serve in Active Duty or the Army Reserve. Both options have unique advantages. No matter which you choose, you’re showing your commitment to your country and yourself.


Active Duty is similar to working at a full-time civilian job. There are times when, as a Soldier, you will be training or performing your job, and then there are off-hours when you can do what you like. In Active Duty, your length of service can range from two to six years.



Within Active Duty, you can choose to serve either as an enlisted Soldier or an officer. While officers oversee operations, enlisted Soldiers show initiative to get the job done. Each has its own specialized training, responsibilities and areas of expertise. The length of Active Duty service can range from two to six years. When serving in Active Duty, typical deployments are 12 months in length; after six months, Soldiers are usually eligible for a two-week Rest & Relaxation (R & R) leave. The exact length of deployment depends on each unit’s specific mission.

Army Reserve

Serving When Needed

The Army Reserve enables you to pursue your civilian career or college education while you train near home and serve your community. Many professionals, as well as college students, are Soldiers in the Army Reserve.


The Strength To Live Out Your Dreams

Being a Soldier means you’re always learning. In the Army, you can take advantage of a long list of job- and leadership-training opportunities giving you the skills to succeed in the Army — and in life. And the strength not only to follow but also to lead.

Basic Combat Training (BCT)

BCT is nine of the toughest weeks you’ll go through — but it’s also extremely rewarding. See how BCT transforms recruits into some of the toughest Soldiers in the world, with a strength of body and mind.

Advanced Individual Training (AIT)

AIT is where, as a Soldier, you’ll learn all you need to perform your Army job. Through hands-on training and field instruction, you’ll leave AIT ready to become a valuable part of the Army team.

Ongoing Training

Ongoing Training consists of Leadership Training, Unit Training and Specialized Schools. All of this training and education results in even stronger Soldiers and leaders.